Lecy is amazing. We brought her in to help us with stripping our front door. We had gotten part way through and could not finish it. She stepped in and a week later, we have a gorgeous door - she stripped paint, sanded, stained, then without being asked paid attention to every detail of cleaning windows in the door, ensuring each edge was clean, and polished our door handle too. Lecy is professional, reasonably priced, and also just a pleasure to work with. Call her and see how she can help. - A. M., Oakland, CA

Lecy is so incredibly talented. She has done wonders with my wood window trim, entry and closet doors. Her knowledge and expertise is very impressive. If you have nice detailed areas that need dressing up, please call Lecy. You'll be doing yourself a huge favor. - J. F., El Sobrante, CA

Lecy has done a wonderful job painting my house and some of my friends and clients homes as well. She works wonders with special materials like wood, plaster and concrete. She is truly an artist. I call Lecy when I have a special project in mind and I need advice and a special eye. 
She is very trustworthy, honest and reliable. I highly recommend her and her work.
- S. H., Berkeley, CA

Lecy is a multi talented artist and project manager. She oversaw the complete remodeling of my house in the Temescal neighborhood. This included real old fashioned woodworking crafts. As a color consultant she applied her artistic talents to my fireplace, interior walls and ceilings, applying subtly complementary and contrasting colors. She also hand detailed the woodwork with gold leaf. Lecy redesigned my laundry/garden workshop and designed and executed the drawings for the construction of a new redwood deck, flower garden and patio with a pergola. During this several week project Lecy had keys to my house, and she is totally trustworthy. She works long and hard and is very reliable. I have been to her studio in the Jack London Square area and seen her artistry with fabric, glass, leather and faux finishes. In the future I would not hesitate to call upon her artistic and design talents. I heartily recommend her for any commercial or residential interior design projects. - D.K., Oakland, CA

Lecy is a talented artist and a personable professional who knows how to listen to the client and get a project completed with expert skill and perfection. She has a rare blend of artistry & execution. Over the last 10 years Lecy has done numerous projects in my home including fine woodwork detail to painting and color selection. She always has thoughtful recommendations to bring out the beauty of a home! She finishes the project with detailed attention, is neat, clean, and organized. What I like is that she wants most of all to make the client happy. - S. W., Montclair CA

It is really hard to pin a precise label on Lecy in terms of what she does because of her multiple talents and abilities. But yes, fundamentally she is a remarkably talented painter with a real artist's eye for color in a way that brings new life and vibrancy to rooms, walls, doors, furniture - anything, really, that she lays her brush on. She is also an extraordinarily hard worker and project manager who can successfully manage larger jobs as team leader. She has the ability to take on the role of a true artisan painter when tackling indoor painting projects by providing challenging and artistic custom touches that most painters would never attempt - she is that good. And, she is fast - I was blown away a few months ago by how quickly and accurately she could cut in when painting my living room wall with natural wood ceiling above - a demonstration of her complete control of brush in hand. And I have personally seen up close some of the amazing work she has done for others. When working with Lecy, just be very clear as to what you want to achieve and let her present her creative ideas and then work through these ideas and settle on a plan. In the end, you will not be disappointed. Highly recommended! - D. H., Oakland, CA

Lecy has more than 20 years experience working in private homes around the Bay Area, her Venetian plaster technique is the best out there. She is not only an extraordinary interior painter but also a talented artist. I asked her to do an artistic touch in some of my purses and shoes as well. I couldn't be happier with her job. 
She has so many talents. I also, asked her to decorate my new place when I moved. 
When people asked me who did the decoration in my apartment I always tell my guests to call Lecy because she is amazing. - Q. C., San Francisco, CA